Aerospace Applications

AMDATA IntraSpect systems are being used by Inspection Service Laboratories due to their wide range of applications. C-Scan systems are being used in ultrasonic immersion tanks, both as fully integrated systems, and as passive Interfaces. Such systems are primarily used to inspect critical rotating parts in their forged metal condition after minor machining, i.e., sonic shape. Immersion UT C-Scans are also commonly used to inspect welds and braze joints. In addition, such systems are used to inspect composite parts when applicable.


Aerospace parts typically inspected using a C-Scan immersion tank: Discs, hubs, rings, seals, fan blades, spools, housings, enclosures, bars, etc.

C-Scan systems are also being used in Inspection Service Laboratories as automated contact ultrasonic portable systems. Such systems can be used at the owner’s facility or be taken to their customer’s location if the parts are too large or difficult to ship. Such systems are primarily used to inspect composite parts, essentially in their final geometry condition, or prior to final machining. They are also being used to inspect large metal rings and domes for space applications.


Aerospace parts typically inspected using an automated contact portable C-Scan system: composite spars, torque tubes, radomes, splice caps, tip caps, brackets, skins, trim tabs, winglets, panels, vanes, tees, etc. They are also used to inspect aircraft wings, rocket domes, etc. at customer sites.

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